Shine in Kashmir: Book Review

It's always a pleasure reading about India and its cultural diversity. One book or one author is not enough to capture the various shades of culture that is India. So when I came across Shine in Kashmir, I was obviously thrilled to review it. More so, because it has been written by D. Chris Castanga, who has traveled the world tasting various cultures.

Shine in Kashmir follows Justin Conrad, a 24 year old American through his journey in search of meaningful company, spirituality and the meaning of life. The book is one of the most amazing account of India that I have read in a long while. If you want to know the esoteric aspect of India, its people and culture seen through the eyes of a foreigner, this book is just for you.

All that Chris Castanga has done through Justin Conrad is soak-in the various cultures (and idiosyncrasies) of India and present them in the most vivid manner. In fact the descriptions are so visual, they made me cringe at some sections. Chris has portrayed India in such a realistic manner that it would make most Indians take offense...but that's the beauty of the narrative. It's so real that it's difficult to believe that it has been written by a non-Indian.

Justin Conrad's character is amiable but reserved, gentleman but flirtatious and is entirely believable. He is someone who travels the world absorbing the essence of cultures while appreciating the conflicts that exist within.

When it comes to narration, the flow of the book is smooth and never falters. The descriptions of lovemaking and Tantra are so beautifully captured that they are nothing but amazingly sensual. The characters get etched on to the mind of the readers long after they have finished the story and placed it on the shelf. This book will satisfy ones' curiosity for eastern culture and religious philosophies.

It’s a nice read but there are a few places where Chris infers that Hinduism is all about spirituality and yoga. It's not the case Mr. Castanga but you surely have redeemed yourself by describing India in its full glory. Bless you for that!

Disclosure: The author provided me with a review copy.

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