The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love: Book Review

Ok, this has been long due. I received a review copy of Robert Manni's weirdly (but aptly) titled book called The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love (GGGLove) a couple of months back but was unable to read it due to piles of other books in the pipeline. Finally I got to read it and found it be as fast moving as the story's setting in NYC.

The story GGGLove is set in New York where the city never sleeps in Madison Avenue. In fact the story is so believable that it could have taken place anywhere in the world.

The book is all about the dating scene where the womanizing Roger and Max sweat it out. The stakes are high and the people are unforgiving in a world of love, sex and power.

GGGLove turns contemporary dating logic on its head by referring that women prefer the traditional type of men than the new-age stud. Now that's some food for thought, isn't it?

And I have no reason to disbelieve the author, given the fact that he speaks from experience. I understand that the young professional women of today may not relate to the struggles their male counterparts face, but they understand their frustration and unhappiness. And this is the reason; they are looking out for the old-fashioned, low risk taking man.

GGGLove presents the story from both the men and women perspectives and provides an insight into the mind of the contemporary women and what they really want.

Robert Manni has done an amazing job with this role reversal fun read. Go read it as it comes from a master.

Disclosure: The author provided me with a review copy.

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