Ugly to Start With: Book Review

Ugly to Start With is a series of interconnected short stories documenting the growing years of Jason Stevens. Penned by award winning author John Michael Cummings, Ugly to Start With is full of promises and nostalgia.

The reader is made to take the literary journey with Jason Stevens as the narrator. The setting of the stories is 1970s in Harper's Ferry that come alive with each passing chapter. The stories themselves are very visual and one can relate to them while going through the growing pains and experiences of Jason.

Each of the stories depict a particular emotional turbulence and are so well connected that the whole picture is nothing short of stunning. The various nuances of human nature; be it flaws or goodness come forth vividly through the vignettes.

John Michael Cummings has done an amazing job of bringing back memories of a life we no longer remember or care about. I don't know if it was intended or not but the stories follow a curve with the pace picking up from a dull start. My only complaint would be a missing strong last chapter. I would have really liked John to finish off the book with an upper cut and closing off on things. But that’s the way life is; isn't it. We all are looking for closures and that's what keeps us going.

The layout and quality of the stories are something that any author would envy (including me) and I have no hesitation in saying that this is a book all must read. If you want to see your life flash by, Ugly to Start With is a book you cannot afford to miss.

 Disclosure: The author provided me with a review copy.

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