World Peacekeeping Outsourced!

So, the other day I tried to unearth as to how the US did what they claim they did..i.e bump off the Osama chap. And then I chanced upon this piece of conversation (ok, I created this and not chanced upon) and everything fell into place. Click on the image below to enlarge it.

If the enlarged image is still unclear, then right-click on it and save. Then open in any image viewer by setting the desired magnification.

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4 Reactions:

KarSub said...

Lol! Loved reading. You managed to bring in Achmed and Sheen too. Why, oh why, wasn't there a Donald Trump joke?

Pigtale said...

I could have got Trump into the picture but he asked for my birth certificate ; o)

naganpets said...

hahaha!i love to continue reading its so funny.obama and bin ladin and other were talking.facebook was being amazing

pet meals said...

Facebook was really recognise today.Even big President of USA Obama,Clinton and Bin ladin were talking in this site. also the world famous singer Lady Gaga.its so amazing!

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