Nameless Suffering!

So what do you know about the fire that engulfed almost half of Bandra's slum shanties few day’s back? 

Yes, it’s called Garib Nagar. What else?
Yes, it's in Mumbai. What else?
Come on! Give me the obvious answer.

Yes! You got it right. Rubina Ali lost her house and her Oscar.

Just look at the news about the fire that was covered by India's leading newspapers. All the headlines scream that Rubina's house has been gutted in the fire and that the Oscar statuette has been lost.

Not one of them goes on to tell the stories of the less fortunate ones. It's sad that the nameless people of the Bandra slum have to shed their tears in solitude while all the reporters hog on what's happening to Rubina.

The Oscar can be replaced; Rubina will surely have another house gifted to her but what about the others who haven't been fortunate to win an Oscar. Spare a thought for the lesser mortals!

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