Prodigious Indian Survey Scam

Have you ever been approached by a college going guy with a bunch of photocopied papers asking for your name, age and possibly phone number and email ID? Chances are that you have. You ask the guy what is it for and he would reply, "Sir we are doing a survey for a project." Good enough, but then it strikes you...where are the questions for the survey (not that you are itching to answer inane questions like, "How many times do you scratch..." You get the point).

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Prodigious Indian Survey Scam (PISS for short). A survey found out that 98.99% of surveys done in India are fake. All that is required for PISS is a valid name and email ID/phone number and the rest of the data can be filled up on the go...just like it is being filled by the guy below. He was sitting in front of my office filling...what else...bunch of surveys, all by himself.

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