Pati Patni Aur Woh!

There is a point in everyone's lives when someone comes unannounced and totally takes control. I have sadly reached that point. And this "someone" is colloquially referred to "Woh" in in Pati Patni Aur Woh. Lines have been drawn and my marriage is at its dismal nadir. Books have been destroyed and wooden cabinets pulverized. Wife refuses to stay in the house because of "Woh" and I move around with that "it'll-go-away-on-its-own" look.

But things are not looking great now and it’s about time I put my foot down and complied with wife. "Woh" has to go! My initial reluctance to get "Woh" out of my house was a small story I had written about "Woh's" plight when a little girl tried to kill it.

Ok! Enough with the suspense and stupidity. This "Woh" that has been the reason for my heightened woes is the bloody termite and its family that have taken to making my house theirs. They have eaten books, they have eaten wooden cabinets and they have now started to attack my academic certificates as well. Before the doors fall off their hinges, I took the extreme step of spraying them with the poisonous substance that I had in house. But Baygon failed miserably and the "Woh" came back in millions to seek revenge. I was scared of sitting at a place for more than an hour as I ran the risk of become another Valmiki.

As a last resort, the pest control guys have been called in and they are supposed to do their magic while I would get busy standing in a corner, writing "Woh's" obituary.

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