High Five! High Five!

I have won a lot of things through the years but never in my life have I won a quiz contest...yes and that includes, the ones meant for 5 year old kids. So when I found that I had won last week's "Thursday afternoon books quiz – 33", I was understandably ecstatic. "Thursday afternoon books quiz" is a book quiz on Livemint that happens... as the name suggests, every Thursday. The immensely "googleable" questions are a mix of pretty straightforward and difficult. I have been trying to crack the 5 question quiz from time immemorial with no success. Last week's questions were no different and I spend a good part of a hour to search for the answers. The key was not just to answer the 5 questions but to be amongst the first 3 to do so.

I sent in the answers and forgot all about it till I indulged in some ego surfing on Google today. My name popped up on the 67543rd page of Google and I almost shouted out in glee. I had not only cracked it but was amongst the first 3 to do so. I would be getting an Indiaplaza gift coupon which I believe Indiaplaza would withhold, given my tirades against them in a feedback that I sent them last year.

So here I am sitting proud and catching hold of every 5 year old and bragging about it. Sweets have been distributed and the bouquets have started arriving. So more power to me till my next conquest!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning the quiz Pijush.Indiaplaza GC is sent to you.
Go ahead and use the Gift certificate.

We request you to help us to improve with your more feed backs.

Indiaplaza team

Pigtale said...

@Indiaplaza: Thanks for the wishes. I am eagerly waiting for the GC : o)

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