Whitepaper on ERP Implementation

Every year, according to the Project Management Institute, nearly 70-80% of all Enterprise Resource Planning implementation projects fail, go over-budget or go live past the original deadline. There are various reasons attributed to the success or failure of ERP Implementations. The fundamental causes of failure are of a wide-range and are often discovered late in the process, if they are discovered at all. Using a method of survey through questionnaire, a study was conducted to find out the factors that really matter when it comes to successful ERP implementations. Varying results were drawn from the survey. It showed various reasons that ultimately result in the success or failure of an ERP implementation and showed that these factors were manageable. This paper attempts to find the real answer to problems being faced in ERP implementations and what really makes an ERP implementation successful.

I had written a whitepaper on the above subject and now it is available for free download here. Enjoy!

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