Can I Touch You There!

So, apparently all vehicles are females. I don't know how or who started it but that's the way it is. Maybe, it dates back to the time when men controlled women (it's the exact opposite now) and since cars or other vehicles are also controlled by people, they are referred to as a 'she'.

Or maybe because they purr softly when handled with care, are temperamental when ignored. And if one is willing to splurge, they can look pretty sexy.

So the point I'm trying to make is that all vehicles are female except Maruti Suzuki SX4 which is "definitely male". And no, I am not tolerating a "it's got a hollow tailpipe" joke ; o)

Having made that point, let me take that a little further. In India, all vehicles are lesbians.

It is a well known secret if you have the same amount of free time as I have. So how is it that Indian vehicles are lesbian, you ask?

If you have been in India for as long as I have been, you wouldn't ask the question. The "answer" is at a touching distance from you. When was the last time you took out your vehicle and haven't touched or been touched by someone (another vehicle I mean).

It's such a delight to be on the road with vehicles touching each other, caressing them, purring sweet nothings into each other ears and literally scratching.

So the next time, your vehicle scratches another vehicle or vice-versa, don't be angry. Smile and remember that it’s their way of showing TLC!

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