Book Review of "Zor: Philosophy, Spirituality and Science"

There are three kinds of books one might have come across: One that you can connect with, one that you cannot connect with and then there is the third kind that is confusingly in between. Zor falls in the third category; Simple, lucid and thought provoking, it travels between familiarity and bizarre.

The story starts on a familiar note of an Investment Fund Manager who has seen it all, only to fall into the black hole of complacency and monotony. Then one day, John Brewster, the Fund Manger, chances upon a Haitian dwarf, Zor who changes everything. The equations that John had in his life go haywire when he starts listening and analyzing what Zor had to say..

The two almost always meet at a bar and discuss things ranging from being happy to being self. Strange explanations provided by Zor makes John change the way he has been thinking and forces him to find happiness and contentment and then almost lose all of it (I won’t let the suspense out).

Conversations with Zor lead John to take stock of his life, marriage and everything in between. The most well developed and also the most underdeveloped character in this book is that of Zor. We don’t really understand what or who is he. Mysterious at times but quite profound and crystal clear, Zor swings from Ch’i, mind, body, spirit to quantum physics, neurons and theory of relativity. It’s like moving very fast between fire and ice; suspicion and belief.

One can understand by reading the book that Zor is just a physical allegory to our perception.  Needless to say, it helps questioning our perceptions to break some myths. Simple, interesting and relatable, Zor is a book that questions our basic belief system.

There is not much of a story there in Zor but it has a message that rings loud and clear. Indians who are generally into spirituality would love to relate themselves with what’s in the book. Go read the book: it might not change your life but it will definitely change your outlook.

Disclosure: The author provided me with a review copy.

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