Need help rehabilitating old students

Yesterday (6th Jan 2011), the Justice Srikrishna panel's report on Telangana was released to the political stakeholders of Andhra Pradesh. The panel suggested that giving statehood to Telangana was "the second best option." This prompted Osmania University students to restart their agitation in their campus in Hyderabad. Not that these students need an excuse to start stone pelting.

I don't want to comment on the panel's suggestion or recommendations, but I do surely want to know as to what 45-60 year old people are doing studying in the university. Just look at the picture below which was taken by PTI at the Osmania University campus yesterday.

I am sure that the 3 circled people are 45-60 year old "students" doing their 2nd PhD. at the university. Their thesis must be titled "Cogent synthesis of diverse political DNA to reproduce Benjamin Buttonism" or some such thing.

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