Lalu And His Gulaabi Keyboard

A friend of mine called me up saying, "Hey look, there is this fun thing going on in office and they want me to write a story on Lalu and his pink keyboard."

I said, "Ok, cool! So what do you want me to do?"

“Write a story for me please,” he begged.

Since I had nothing better to do,  I said yes.

The catch was that the story had to be around 100 words.

Here is the story that I sent him albeit a little more than 100 words.

Lalu Prasad picked himself from the pavement and cursed the insurance agent who had refused to cover his pink keyboard.
“Too dangerous this is saar,” he had told.
“Entire Bihar has gone blonde and this is the only pink keyboard available. We can do UFO Abduction Insurance but not this saar,” the agent had said.
A dejected Lalu fondly recalled the moment he had bought the keyboard.
 "And this one is specifically meant for blondes," the salesman had said with a subtle smile.
"This pink keyboard has keys with dumber...err I mean smarter key names."
"WOW! I absolutely love it and will have one of these," Lalu had said with an air of self-confidence.
Lalu had gone blonde as it was the "in" thing to do in Bihar those days and was taking pride in buying stuff to suit his new personality.
As Lalu left for his home, he could see a thousand blonde Biharis’ fighting and killing over his beloved pink keyboard.

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